• Could Hearing Aids Help Me?
    Find out whether you might benefit from a hearing aid. It might seem silly to ask yourself since it might seem obvious whether you need a hearing aid or not, but Read more
  • Find the Right Hearing Aids for You
    Ear Nose and Throat Consultants serves the communities of Southfield, Novi, Livonia, and St. Clair Shores, MI, and we are here for you when it's time to be fitted with Read more
  • Early Signs of Hearing Loss
    You used to love going out to dinner with your friends but now you find that it’s tough to follow their conversations. You often resort to reading lips and you Read more
  • Taking Care of Your Hearing Aids
    Know how to properly care for your hearing aid. Once you get your hearing aid you may have wondered what you did without it. This device can help you reconnect with Read more
  • Signs You Need Hearing Aids
    Hearing loss is a widespread problem that affects large groups of people. It isn’t just caused by age, with younger people and children also being affected. It comes on gradually, Read more
  • FAQs about Hearing Aids
    Difficulty hearing causes embarrassment, shame and educational obstacles. Hearing impairments are distressing and audiologists at Ear Nose and Throat Consultants can help patients in any of these locations: Detroit, St. Read more
  • Types of Hearing Aids
    Your hearing is precious, something that we don't need to tell you if you have been missing out on important conversations and avoiding social situations due to your hearing loss. Read more

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